Sep 17, 2015

Dunkin' Donuts Introduces New Pumpkin Macchiato

Expanding their pumpkin and espresso drink selection, Dunkin' Donuts introduces the new Pumpkin Macchiato.

The drink heralds the debut of the Macchiato as a permanent drink option, while sticking to the fall pumpkin theme with the pumpkin flavor.

Available hot or iced, Dunkin' Donuts Pumpkin Macchiato is a layered beverage which starts with steamed milk and their pumpkin-flavored swirl and tops it off with a double shot of espresso. The hot version also comes with a layer of foamed milk to finish. It's currently available at a select number of Dunkin' Donuts locations with a nationwide expansion slated for September 28, 2015.

Do keep in mind that the pumpkin flavor is only available for the fall.

While the Macchiato is new to Dunkin' here in the States, the brand released a similarly-layered drink last year in India, where they called it the "Stirr'accino." Although the Stirra'ccino offered a caffeine-laced combination of espresso and brewed coffee separated by a layer of steamed milk.

I got an opportunity to sample the new drink at a media event (disclosure: travel and accommodations provided by Dunkin' Donuts) and the layers stay separated for a good amount of time, given that the combination of milk and sugar are denser than the mostly water and coffee on top.

The layering offers a bit of choice by design as you can choose to leave it unmixed and drink the top or bottom layer as you choose. I tried drinking it that way, but the bottom layer, while offering a very nice, creamy pumpkin flavor, was also too sweet for my preferences; the espresso layer was nice though with a smooth but strong taste. I'd definitely go with stirring it up but would suggest trying it in different layers just to see which you like better.

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