Mar 31, 2017

2017 April Fools' Day Round Up

Photo via Auntie Anne's.
So that you're not caught unawares (or just want to fool someone), here's a running list of this year's April Fools' Day jokes by some big-name food brands (I'll update if more come in tomorrow):

- Auntie Anne's -  Let's call it the "Flower Power Logo Change." Supposedly looking to appeal to "Gen-Z" (that's the generation that comes after millenials), Auntie Anne's is replacing their current halo-crowned pretzel logo with a flower-crowned one instead. They're supporting the joke on their actual website and social channels so you can direct your friends/family accordingly.

Here's some choice quotes they put out regarding the somewhat ironic logo change:

"We're proud to reveal a new look that's as fresh as our pretzels," said Carol Pasquariello, Vice President of Marketing for Auntie Anne's. "We spent nearly two years developing, testing and tweaking our logo. While it was an arduous process, the end result is a look that's, as the kids say, 'lit.'"

"I can't even with this transformation!" squealed Juniper Wren, age 16. "It's important to me that brands speak to me and my overall aesthetic. I'm Instagramming my hand holding a pretzel in the air as we speak. My squad is going to love it."

Photo via Ben & Jerry's.
- Ben & Jerry's - While they're apparently not playing any April Fools' pranks, Ben & Jerry's is happy to lend you an assist with these seven ice cream pint-focused tricks.

Some of them are pretty mean-spirited such as poking holes in the bottom of your intended victim's pint of ice cream...

- Buffalo Wild Wings - To help fans grow out their "rally beards" and support their team's success during the tail end of March Madness, Buffalo Wild Wings has come up with Rally Beard Sauce. The hair-growing tonic/wing sauce is described as by the chain as "scientifically designed to stimulate beard growth and help fans rally their team back from even the most lopsided deficit." It also delivers a spicy garlic flavor.

Here's the concept explained:

Sadly, they're not actually making the sauce commercially available... yet. They did however send me a bottle so maybe the joke's on me:

Photo by Brand Eating.
If you ever get your hand on a bottle, I don't suggest rubbing it on your face since cayenne peppers (the main ingredient) burn. Also listed in the ingredients? There's "Sasquatch Extract" and "Essence of Chupacabra" among the more standard components. They also send me a paper beard mask so maybe I'll stick with that.

Photo via Burger King.
- Burger King - While they didn't send me any, Burger King is touting new Whopper Toothpaste for people who want to keep that fresh Whopper flavor in their mouths all day long but still want to brush their teeth.

The commercial for the new product spoofs your typical toothpaste commercial:

The toothpaste tube has a small tagline that says, "Keep you mouth Whopper fresh."

Photo via Nestle.
- Coffee-mate - In case you've ever thought you'd like your coffee with more coffee flavor, Coffee-mate introduces new Coffee Flavored Coffee-mate.

April 1st Updates:

Photo via Bruegger's Bagels.
- Bruegger's Bagels switches to serving donuts. Even if it's a joke, they still kinda look like frosted bagels...

Photo via Checkers / Rally's.
- Checker's / Rally's came up with their answer of the Meat Mountain but with a much longer name. They're calling it the "Big Bacon Cheese Bufordzilla! Roadhouse Champ Checker/Rallyburger with Bacon."

Photo via Corner Bakery Cafe.
- Corner Bakery Cafe - They're getting rid of cookies! Nooooooooo! Oh, wait...

Photo via Del Taco.
- Del Taco - Crinkle-Cut Shake Fries Shake - While they're not actually offering it, it's easy enough to do it yourself.

Photo via Einstein Bros.
- Einstein Bros. - Tri-agels - They're bagels but with a triangular shape that is "100% roll-proof." I'm pretty sure you could roll one by the look of them though.

Photo via El Pollo Loco.
El Pollo Loco - Churro Chain necklace - I think they were riffing on some other brands coming out with themed fashion but it looks like they didn't try very hard.

Photo via Jimmy John's.
- Jimmy John's - White Apron delivery service - Like Blue Apron but by Jimmy John's... and slower than actually going to Jimmy John's

Here's a video explaining the service:

It's a joke but they also try and use it to highlight their convenience and delivery service.

Photo via McDonald's.
- McDonald's - Micro Mac - It's a bite-sized version of the Big Mac.

Here's how they put it together:

Apparently, it's 1/48th the size of the original. There's actually a whole channel on YouTube dedicated to making miniature food (plus how to make the mini tools to make the food).

Photo via On the Border.
- On the Border - GuacaRonaRita - It's a combination/mash-up of guacamole in a margarita glass, and a whole bottle of beer (Corona hence the "Rona") on top.

Photo via Papa John's.
- Papa John's - Garlic sauce now available by the gallon. I'm sure some fans of the sauce will be disappointed that this is a joke.

- White Castle introduces the Nano Slider.

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