Mar 15, 2017

Review: The Habit - Golden Chicken Sandwich

The Habit's Golden Chicken Sandwich features a chicken breast filet hand-breaded with seasoned flour and buttermilk and then deep fried. It comes served with a creamy red pepper sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles on a toasted plain bun.

I paid $6.25 for one.

The chicken filet came in a really good size and was freshly made. The breading offered a serious crunch, while the chicken inside remained nice and juicy.

Unfortunately, whoever did the battering managed to create a very thick shell at the tapered end of the filet. I got a mouthful of breading and batter in those bites and, despite the seasoned flour, there wasn't much flavor to it (beyond salt). I was hoping for some herb or peppery notes.

Given the crunchy but lackluster breading, the creamy red pepper sauce was left to pull the weight and it did a decent job with a combination of mayo and a touch of heat.

The produce was all fresh with both the lettuce and the pickles contributing a watery crispness. The tomato hit a nice sweet spot in terms of ripeness where it was just firm enough but flavorful.

In terms of execution, The Habit's Golden Chicken Sandwich turned really well beside the battering miscue. It's a bit on the tall side though; I had to squish it down a fair bit to try and get a good bite with all the ingredients. In terms of taste, it was, likewise, mostly good but I'd like slightly more oomph in the flavor department from either the sauce or the breading.

Nutritional Info - The Habit Golden Chicken Sandwich (528g)
Calories - 930 (from Fat - 360)
Fat - 40g (Saturated Fat - 7g)
Sodium - 2760mg
Carbs - 96g (Sugar - 14g)
Protein - 48g

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