Mar 23, 2017

Starbucks Introduces Bottled Cocoa & Honey Cold Brew Coffee and More

Starbucks expands the availability of their cold brew coffee with the release of new bottled Cocoa & Honey with Cream Cold Brew to join their unsweetened plain version.

Additionally, the company also adds a number of other bottled and canned coffee beverages including:

- Bottled Dulce de Leche Frappuccinos
- Cubano Doubleshot Espresso cans
- Espresso and Salted Caramel Cream Doubleshot cans
- Caramel Doubleshot Coffee & Protein cans
- Multi-serve bottled Blonde Roast Iced Coffee
- Multi-serve bottled Dark Roast Iced Coffee

The new drinks can be found at grocery stores nationwide.

Photo via Starbucks.

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