Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pizza Hut's Crown Crust Pizza Lands in Canada

Is the Crown Crust Pizza inching ever so closely to the US? Pizza Hut Canada now offers the infamous Crown Crust Pizza, which features a flattened crown-shaped crust with pockets of meatballs and cheesy "gems" baked into the crust.

The Crown Crust Pizza is available at Pizza Hut Canada for a limited time through April 14, 2013 and a large 2-topping Crown Crust Pizza is offered for $17.99 CAD (~$17.51 US).

The pizza was first spotted last year in the Middle East, where it was offered with with cheeseburger patties or chicken filet nuggets as the "gems" in the crown crust. It was also offered in the UK last year and  is currently offered in India with chicken and vegetarian options.

Here's the TV spot for the Crown Crust in Canada:

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