Oct 29, 2017

Frito-Lay Reveals New Sweet Potato Sun Chips

Frito-Lay rolls out two new snack flavors for this fall with the arrival of new Sweet Potato Sun Chips and Rosemary & Olive Oil Smartfood Delight Popcorn.

The new Sun Chips variety includes sweet potato among its ingredients and features whole grains plus no artificial flavors or preservatives. The limited-edition flavor can be found at retailers nationwide through mid-December. The suggested price per 7-oz bag is $3.29.

Rosemary and Olive Oil Smartfood Delight Popcorn can be found nationwide for a suggested price of $3.99 per 5-oz bag. Like the rest of the lower calorie Delight line, it comes in at 35 calories per cup.

Photo via Frito-Lay.

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