Oct 24, 2017

KFC's Twitter Only Follows 11 "Herbs" and "Spices"

In a clever marketing move, KFC's Twitter account only follows 11 people. Specifically, it follows six men named "Herb" and all five members of the Spice Girls (i.e. five "spices").

The 11 herbs and spices echoes the 11 herbs and spices that famously make up KFC's Original Recipe as perfected by the chain's found Colonel Harland Sanders in the summer of 1940.

According to BuzzFeed, the interesting fact was recently discovered by Twitter user Edge but was also noted back in December by one of the six Herbs.

If you're wondering which "Herbs" made the cut, they are as follows:

- Herb Scribner - Staff writer and web producer at Deseret News
- Herb J. Wesson Jr. - L.A. City Council President
- Herb Waters - Cornerback for the Green Bay Packers
- Herb Dean - UFC referee
- Herb Sendek - Head coach for the Santa Clara University men's basketball team
- Herb Alpert - Celebrity Jazz musician, recording industry executive, and the "A" in A&M Records

While there probably isn't the same reasoning behind it, fellow Yum brand Taco Bell only follows a small number (26) of Twitter accounts as well. Other Yum brand Pizza Hut, on the other hand, follows over 95,000 accounts.

Photo via Twitter.

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