Oct 26, 2017

Review: Jack in the Box - Havarti & Grilled Onion Ribeye Burger

Jack in the Box's Havarti & Grilled Onion Ribeye Burger features a grilled ground ribeye beef patty, Havarti cheese, grilled onions, tomato, mayo, and a red wine glaze sauce on a toasted artisan potato bun.

These go for $5.39 in my neck of the woods.

The sauce taken by itself was lightly sweet and super tangy (I tried a bit that had dripped onto the wrapper) but inside the burger, it added an extra rich layer with just a slight tang.

The ribeye patty was much more tender, juicy, and flavorful than your typical fast food burger patty even as it was cooked well done. It had the same juiciness and texture of a medium rare burger you might get at a more fancy restaurant. It's also much fattier than most beef patties with a beefy unctuousness to it.

The Havarti looked nice enough but it's a mild cheese and, beyond the generic creaminess and texture, the finer flavors got lost in the shuffle.

The onions contributed a touch of bite and sweetness while the tomatoes were fresh enough but also exhibited the typical fast food tomato blandness.

The bun had a rustic and thin crust to it and felt a bit like an overgrown toasted dinner roll (in a good way). It was soft and relatively moist inside but still held up well to the juices of the burger.

Taken altogether, Jack in the Box's Havarti & Grilled Onion Ribeye Burger is a flavor bomb of a burger that was thoroughly enjoyable. It's definitely worth trying unless you're leery of beef fat.

Nutritional Info - Jack in the Box Harvati & Grilled Onion Ribeye Burger
Calories - 670 (from Fat - 380)
Fat - 42g (Saturated Fat - 14g)
Sodium - 870mg
Carbs - 42g (Sugar - 9g)
Protein - 32g

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