Oct 9, 2017

KFC Serves Up Deep-Fried, Gravy-Filled Balls of Mashed Potatoes in Australia

If you've ever wished for a bite-sized, portable version of KFC's mashed potatoes and gravy you might want to get over to Australia, where KFC is offering new breaded and deep-fried balls of gravy-filled mashed potatoes called "Gravy Mashies."

The chain has actually offered deep-fried mashed potato balls in the country before under the same "Mashies" name but this is the first time they've offered them with a dollop of gravy in the center.

The rules or customs for fine print in Australia seem a bit different (and cheekier) from the US as instead of the familiar "for a limited time at participating locations," it reads, "This offer is not everywhere and not forever."

Photo via KFC Australia.

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