Oct 21, 2017

KFC's New Colonel Costume for Halloween is Already Sold Out

With ten days until Halloween, KFC's new Halloween Harland costume, which lets you dress up as the chain's founder Colonel Harland Sanders, is already sold out.

The simple costume, which consists of a plastic bib (that can also keep your shirt clean when you eat) to make the Colonel's suit and a plastic mask that looks like Colonel's face (which, unfortunately, you cannot eat through). The whole thing was offered at the chain's online store for just $5 (which is probably one of the reasons that it sold out in about 10 days or so). I reached out to a company rep and was told that they only made a limited amount of costumes and they won't be restocked this year.

If you're still set on dressing as the Colonel, the KFC online store doesn't have any other Colonel mask for sale but they do have the Colonel's Classic String Tie ($12) and a Colonel's Suit T-Shirt ($18) that might help you along.

The chain is also offering limited amounts of new custom Halloween buckets to customers "who show some Halloween spirit (like wearing a costume or maybe saying "Happy Halloween") at participating restaurants starting Friday, October 27, 2017, while supplies last.

Photos via KFC.

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