Oct 31, 2017

Pizza Hut China's Halloween Pizza Features a Black Crust Plus a Spider and Cobweb Design

Pizza Hut China celebrates Halloween with a black crusted pizza that sports a cobweb design made of sweet mayo and, to complete the look, a baked black bread in the shape of a spider.

They're calling it the "Wow Black Pizza."

The crust of the pizza (and the spider) is colored with cuttlefish ink and it comes topped with New Orleans roast chicken, cubes of pumpkin, mushroom, onion, and red peppers. The crust also comes with pockets of cheese similar to the discontinued Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza here in the US.

Apparently, it was also available last year as the "Black Halloween Pizza."

The price tag on the pizza is 79 yuan (~$11.94 US).

Photo via Pizza Hut China.

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