Oct 9, 2018

R.M. Palmer Introduces New Yummie Mummies and More for Halloween 2018

R.M. Palmer releases four new candies for Halloween 2018 including Yummie Mummies, which are white chocolate-flavored discs filled with creamy peanut butter and wrapped in mummie foil.

Also new this Halloween are:

- Gravestone Greetings - Tombstone-shaped chocolaty candies wrapped in Halloween foils with name puns such as "Bea A. Fraid" and "Ina Boxx."

- Pumpkin Spice Chocolaty Cups - It's somewhat obligatory at this point it seems.

- Milk Chocolate Flavored Balls -  They come wrapped in black and orange foils.

All four seasonal candies come in 5-oz bags with a suggested price of $1.00.

Photo via R.M. Palmer Company.

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