Oct 30, 2018

Starbucks Offers New Halloween Witch and Halloween Princess Frappuccinos in Japan

Starbucks strikes somewhat of a Snow White-theme over in Japan where they're offering two new Frappuccinos: the Halloween Witch and Halloween Princess.

The Halloween Witch Frappuccino features a red-colored apple compote layered with a caramel-flavored cookie, a dark chocolate apple slush, and dark chocolate syrup.

The Halloween Princess Frappuccino features a sweet milk and apple flavor combined with white chocolate-flavored sauce.

The duo also come in donut form where there's the Witch Donut and Pearl Princess Donut.

The Witch Donut is a yeast ring donut with a filling of red-colored apple compote, topped with chocolate frosting and crispy cocoa cookie crumbles.

The Pearl Princess Donut consists of a yeast ring donut with apple-flavored pink icing, topped with white chocolate pearls and a dusting of silver powder.

Photo via Starbucks Japan.

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