Jan 9, 2017

Review: McDonald's - Chicken McGriddles

McDonald's Chicken McGriddles sandwich features a crispy chicken patty from the McChicken between two sweet McGriddles cakes.

They are currently offering these in Florida and Ohio but I just custom-ordered one at my local McDonald's. It ended up costing me $2 ($1 for the chicken patty and $1 for the McGriddle cakes).

Of course, given the nature of custom ordering, I ended up with a McChicken with McGriddles cakes instead of a bun rather than a McChicken patty and two McGriddles cakes, as was shown on the order screen:

Nothing a bunch of napkins and some meticulous cleaning couldn't solve though!

The idea here is to offer chicken and waffles in a convenient, portable form. It works insofar as the portability goes.

The McChicken patty was decently crispy with a nice, peppery flavor and heat on its own but didn't hold up well to the spongy and maple sweet McGriddles cakes.

Both the chicken and the cakes were moist but the flavor of the chicken particularly gets lost in the shuffle. What I ended up with was just McGriddles cakes with a peppery heat. I wonder if the old Southern Style chicken or the current Buttermilk chicken filet would work better (I could give it a go if there's enough demand for it). As it was, I would have just prefer eating a McChicken patty and the McGriddle cakes separately.

Nutritional Info - McDonald's Chicken McGriddles
Calories - 390 (from Fat - 130)
Fat - 15g (Saturated Fat - 4.5g)
Sodium - 1000mg
Carbs - 51g (Sugar - 14g)
Protein - 14g

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