Aug 17, 2019

KFC Serves Up New Original Recipe Chicken "Steak" Smothered in Gravy in Singapore

If an Original Recipe fried boneless chicken thigh "steak" smothered in KFC's signature gravy sounds like your kind of thing, you may want to book a trip to Singapore where, for a limited time, KFC is offering the new Original Recipe Chicken Steak for a limited time.

The dish features a 200g (~7 ounces) of flattened, boneless chicken thigh that is battered and breaded with Colonel Sander's Original Recipe of 11 herbs and spices, and then, deep-fried until crispy. The Chicken Steak comes served with gravy and junior Cheese Fries.

It's a little surprising they never did this in the States, especially during their ill-fated Boneless Chicken run.

Photo via KFC Singapore.

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