Aug 22, 2019

New Pumpkin Spice Spam Available Starting September 23, 2019

Spam joins the annual fall pumpkin spice parade this year with the launch of new Pumpkin Spice Spam starting September 23, 2019.

The new, limited-edition Spam doesn't look like it contains pumpkin or is pumpkin flavor though. Looking at the ingredients (Pork with Ham, Sugar, Water, Salt, Modified Potato Starch, Spices, Sodium Nitrite), suggests that it's just seasoned with pumpkin pie spices.

You can find Pumpkin Spice Spam for purchase in 2-packs starting September 23, at as well as

The flavor was teased back in 2017 as a joke but, apparently, pumpkin spice is popular enough to warrant the release of an actual product.

Photo via Spam.

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