Aug 28, 2019

Jack in the Box Discontinued Monster Tacos; Offers Secret Menu Bacon Nacho Taco as Replacement

Jack in the Box discontinued Monster Tacos, the over-sized version of their regular tacos, in early July of this year but hope that a "super special secret menu item," the Bacon Nacho Taco will satiate your craving for at least the Nacho Cheese Monster Taco.

Ordering the Bacon Nacho Taco will get you two Jack in the Box tacos topped with bacon and cheddar sauce (basically the same toppings as their Bacon & Cheddar Potato Wedges).

According to a company rep, the Bacon Nacho Taco is available at all locations at varying price points. That being said, the problem with even "official" secret menu items is that it's not uncommon to ask for the item and have the person at the counter have no idea what you're talking about (especially given the employee turnover rate at most fast food restaurants). At the time of this writing, the Bacon Nacho Taco is not available to order in the Jack in the Box app nor can you customize an order of two tacos to make the item.

The Monster Taco has been discontinued twice by Jack in the Box at this point (once back in 2009 and again this year). While it offered more variety and was bigger than a regular taco, it was not bigger than two tacos and, generally, cost more than two tacos.

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