Aug 9, 2019

Olive Garden Baking New Customizable Lasagna Rolls

For a limited time, Olive Garden offers new customizable lasagna (they call it "Lasagna Mia") featuring new Four-Cheese Lasagna Rollata as a base. Rollata translates to "roll" in Italian and in Olive Garden's case, refers to lasagna pasta rolled up with cheese and served with the spiral side up (like a cinnamon roll).

In addition to the lasagna roll, you pick a sauce and topping. Sauce choices include:

- Traditional Meat Sauce
- Traditional Marinara
- Alfredo
- Five Cheese Marinara

The topping selection is as follows:

- New Stuffed Ziti Fritta
- Garden Veggies
- New Braised Beef (premium topping for an additional charge)
- Grilled Chicken (premium topping for an additional charge)
- Sauteed Shrimp (premium topping for an additional charge)
- Meatballs (premium topping for an additional charge)

The current iteration of Lasagna Mia can be found at Olive Garden for a limited time with prices starting at $12.99 (may vary). As with the rest of Olive Garden's entrees, unlimited soup or salad and breadsticks are included.

Photo via Olive Garden.

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