Nov 1, 2019

KFC Introduces New Chickadilla in Spain

KFC introduces the new Chickadilla, a quesadilla with boneless fried chicken, Doritos chips, and more inside, over in Spain.

Specifically, the Chickadilla features two boneless fried chicken filets, yogurt sauce, tomato, Doritos chips, and queso folded and pressed inside of a flour tortilla.

To kick off the launch, which coincides with Dia de Muertos ("Day of the Dead"), they're offering a chance at free Chickadilla for life for those who publish their own obituary (in an actual print newspaper apparently) through November 2, 2019, which is when the Mexican holiday ends. The four most original obituaries as selected by the judges will win.

Interestingly, Taco Bell (also owned by Yum Brands) actually has several locations in Spain. Typically, KFC seems to offer Mexican-inspired food items in countries where there aren't any Taco Bells.

Photo via KFC Spain.

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