Nov 22, 2019

Lamb Weston Releases New Waffled Hash Browns

Lamb Weston, one of the largest producers of potatoes and manufacturers of frozen potato products, including the French fries at many a fast food chain (such as McDonald's), introduces new Waffled Hash Browns for food service vendors including coffee shops, sandwich shops, bakeries, and convenience stores.

Waffled Hash Browns are basically savory Belgian-style waffles that are made with Idaho shredded potatoes. They come fully cooked and can be eaten once thawed or can be baked or fried for added texture.

The company's "recipe ideas" for the new product include topping it with parmesan and parsley, making a meatless sandwich filled with veggies and herbed cream cheese, and topping it with a crab ceviche.

It's possible these will trickle down to one fast food chain or another if there's a demand for it.

Photo via Lamb Weston.

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