Nov 24, 2019

Boston Pizza Bakes New Christmas Pizza Topped with Turkey and Stuffing in Canada

Boston Pizza (Boston's Pizza here in the US) offers up the new Christmas Pizza for this year's holiday season up north in Canada.

Purporting to offer "all the flavors of a traditional Christmas dinner on a pizza," the festive pizza comes topped with seasoned rotisserie turkey, house-made stuffing, rosemary sage cream sauce, and Italian cheeses. To complete the effect, the Christmas Pizza is served with cranberry sauce and warm turkey gravy. Dessert is also included in the form of one or two Toblerone chocolate bars depending on the size of the pizza ordered (you get one with each Indy or Small pizza and two with each Medium or Large pizza).

While Boston Pizza does have several locations here in the US, it looks like the Christmas Pizza can only be found up in Canada.

Other holiday items from the chain for 2019 include Christmas Poutine (French fries seasoned and tossed with pizza mozzarella and then topped with seasoned rotisserie turkey, house-made stuffing, turkey gravy, and cranberry sauce), Cranberry BBQ Ribs, and more. Most holiday menu items also come with a Toblerone, while supplies last.

Boston Pizza might be remembered for putting some fairly interesting pizzas out in the past including a Pizza Cake and Pizza Burger.

Photo via Boston Pizza.

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