Jun 25, 2021

Burger King Tests New Cheesygoing King

Burger King tests what could be the newest burger in their premium-priced King series over in the Norwich, CT area. They're calling it, the "Cheesygoing King."

The new cheese-centric burger looks to feature cheese slices, cheese sauce, cheese crumbles, and bacon on a cheddar bun (the bun looks like the American version of the Ugly bun that Burger King sometimes offers in Japan). The Cheesygoing King comes with either one or two flame-grilled Whopper-size beef patties.

Prices for the Cheesygoing King come out to $5.99 with a single hamburger patty and $6.99 for a double.

Also being tested are new Cheesygoing Fries. Priced at $2.79, Cheesygoing Fries feature French fries topped with cheese sauce, cheese crumbles, and bacon.

Photos via Burger King.

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