Jun 30, 2021

Dunkin' Tests New ElectroBrew and Kombucha Beverages in Select Areas

Dunkin' tests two new beverages for a limited time this summer with the introduction of new ElectroBrew and new Kombucha in select markets.

ElectroBrew sees the chain's Cold Brew coffee infused with coconut water for " a subtly sweet taste and burst of electrolytes" but no added sugar. It can be found at select Dunkin' locations in Springfield, MA, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and West Palm Beach, FL.

Dunkin's Kombucha offers the fermented tea in two flavors: Fuji Apple Berry and Blueberry Lemon. Kombucha is on offer at select locations in the Albany, NY and Charlotte, NC areas.

Photo via Dunkin'.

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