Jun 28, 2021

Wendy's Tests New Plant-Based Spicy Black Bean Burger

Wendy's looks into providing a plant-based burger option with a test of the new Spicy Black Bean Burger in three markets: Columbus, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh.

The chain spent over a year on the development of the new burger and the black bean patty is made with black beans, carrots, brown rice, red and green bell peppers, wheatberries, corn, and a blend of spices. The reasoning behind going with a black bean patty rather than something like Impossible Meat or Beyond Meat is to offer a familiar protein with the right texture and taste. Rather than a meat substitute, the concept is for you not to miss meat when eating it.

The Spicy Black Bean Burger comes with the signature black bean patty as well as crispy-fried chipotle jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, spicy chipotle sauce, tomatoes, onion, and Romain on a toasted premium bun. The burger is meant to be a vegetarian/flexitarian option rather than a vegan one.

In terms of heat, the chain puts it at a 6 out of 10 (which would put it slightly below their Spicy Chicken Nuggets).

If the test goes well, Wendy's will have a good idea by August whether they'll plan for a national launch.

Photo via Wendy's.

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