Jun 16, 2021

KFC UK Selling KFC Bucket Hats and Sandals for Summer 2021

If you're a fan of the KFC Bucket, the fried chicken chain is selling a limited-edition KFC Bucket Hat this summer at their online store over in the UK.

The KFC Bucket Hat is reversible--on one side, it has a visual design similar to a signature KFC bucket and on the other side, it has a repeating pattern of KFC fried chicken drumsticks.

Also available for a limited time this summer 2021 are The Colonel's Sliders ("sliders" are another term for sandals in the UK). The sandals sport a red-and-white color scheme with a Colonel Sanders logo on one and the words, "Always Original" on the other.

Another recently added item of interested added to the shop are new KFC Mugs, which includes a personalized KFC bucket design among the selection.

The KFC Bucket Hat costs £21.99 ($30.37 US), while The Colonel's Sliders are £24.99 (~$34.51 US) per pair and the mugs start at £9.99 ($13.80 US).

Photo via KFC UK.

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