Jun 17, 2021

Yoshinoya Offers Avocado Add-On for Summer

Yoshinoya introduces a sliced half avocado as a limited-time add-on for their bowls this summer that will cost you an extra $1.89 while it's available.

To kick off the addition, they're giving a free half-avocado upgrade on any bowl purchase when you enter the code "AVOFREE" in their mobile app. The one-time use deal is good through August 31, 2021.

Yoshinoya continues the avocado theme with the release of limited-edition swimwear featuring an avocado bowl pattern. The swimwear includes board shorts and a women's one-piece swimsuit. They can be purchased at $60 a piece (includes shipping) from the Yoshinoya online store.

Photo via Yoshinoya.

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