Jun 30, 2021

Laffy Taffy Introduces New Minions Laff Bites "Gone Bananas!" Candy

Laffy Taffy introduces new Minions Laff Bites "Gone Bananas!" as a banana flavor-only bag of candy with limited-edition Minions packaging.

The candy features banana taffy in the center covered with a candy-coated, crunchy shell. They come about as original Laff Bites do not come in banana flavor (they come in cherry, strawberry, green apple, and blue raspberry flavors).

New Laffy Taffy Laff Bites "Gone Bananas!" can be found now at retailers nationwide in several sizes: 2-oz peg bags for a suggested price of $1.29, 4.2-oz peg bags for a suggested price of $1.49, and 6-oz peg bags for a suggested price of $1.69 (in case you're wondering, a peg bag is a bag with a little hole in the middle-top part of the bag so they can be hung on a peg).

Photo via Laffy Taffy.

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