Jun 17, 2021

Danone Updates Oikos Greek Yogurt with New Oikos Blended Line

Danone updates their Oikos Greek Yogurt line by replacing the base line with new Oikos Blended Greek nonfat yogurt.

Danone touts the updated Greek yogurt as "so creamy and filled with 50 percent more fruit" that they're calling it "Forkable" (as in 'it's so thick you can eat it with a fork').

Oikos Blended features white packaging with prominent pictures of fresh fruit versus the previous blue packaging. Oikos Blended comes in six flavors at launch: Strawberry, Blueberry, Peach, Cherry, Vanilla Bean, and Anything But Plain.

You can find Oikos Blended in 5.3-oz single-serve cups for a suggested price of $1.29 as well as four-packs for $3.99. Vanilla Bean and Anything But Plain can also be found in 32-ounce containers for a suggested price of $5.99.

Photo via Danone.

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