Jun 15, 2021

White Castle Selling Whole Birthday Cake on Sticks

As part of their 100th birthday celebration, White Castle is making the whole cake of Birthday-Cake-on-a-Stick available for purchase for a limited time.

The whole cake consists of eight pieces of Birthday-Cake-On-A-Stick, which were first introduced in April of this year and features a slice of vanilla cake with white frosting on a stick, topped with blue, white, and orange sprinkles.

On the more savory side of things, the chain is offering a limited-time deal where you can get a 12-piece order of chicken rings for $2.99 ($3.99 in New York/New Jersey) and a 20-piece order for $5.79 ($6.49 in New York/New Jersey).

They also have a limited-time summer discount on the Share-A-Meal Pack #8, where you can get 10 Original Sliders, a 20-piece pack of chicken rings, and a sack of fries for $14.99 ($15.99 in New York/New Jersey). 

Photo via White Castle.

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