Jun 6, 2023

Cheez-It Pop-Up Pumps Your Car with Cheez-It Crackers Instead of Gas

Cheez-It Pump
Calling it the "biggest, cheeziest roadside attraction to ever grace America's beloved highways and byways," Kellogg's opens the Cheez-It Stop, a pop-up roadside fill station that pumps out bags of Cheez-It crackers for free instead of gasoline.

The shop can be found in the California desert in Joshua Tree and features the "World's First and Only Cheez-It Pump," which somewhat resembles a gas pump but can pump bags of Cheez-It bags through your car window.

In addition to the Cheez-It Pump the pop-up stop also includes a Cheez-It-themed convenience store that offers exclusive merch, collectibles, and hard-to-find (as well as regular) Cheez-It flavors.

Cheez-It Stop fill station in Joshua Tree, CA.

The Cheez-It Stop is open now through Sunday, June 11, 2023, from 10AM to 6PM PST daily. You can find it at 61943 Twentynine Palms Highway in Joshua Tree, CA. The location is normally a souvenir shop called, "The Station," but has been taken over for the limited-time promotion.

Photos via Cheez-It.

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