Jun 7, 2023

Panda Express Kicks Off Loyalty Program with 25-Percent-Off Deal

Panda Express Panda Rewards loyalty program on mobile phone.
Panda Express launches Panda Rewards as the chain's first points-based, national loyalty rewards program and to encourage usage, they're offering a limited-time deal/offer that can be redeemed for 25% off your order (up to $10 off) if you sign up through their mobile app or website.

Here's what you need to know regarding the Panda Rewards program:

  • Rewards members get 10 Panda Points per dollar spent on qualifying purchases.
  • You need at least 200 Panda Points to redeem for a reward. Rewards range from a free upgrade to a premium entree to a free drink of choice to a free Family Meal and more.
  • Each month, your first qualified purchase will net you a surprise "Good Fortune Gift," which can amount to bonus points, a deal, or free food.
  • On your birthday, they'll offer some sort of birthday gift from a limited selection.
  • Points don't expire unless you haven't made a qualifying purchase in the last 12 months (i.e. a year).

Photo via Panda Express.

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