Jun 4, 2023

Pizza Hut Serves Up New Wiener Coffee Pizza in Japan

Pizza Hut Japan's Wiener Coffee Pizza alongside a cup of coffee with a wiener sausage in it.
Playing up an apparent social media trend in the country, Pizza Hut serves up the new Wiener Coffee Pizza over in Japan for a limited time.

Pizza Hut Japan's Wiener Coffee Pizza comes topped with coffee sauce and cream cheese and features a crust lined with wiener sausages (i.e. hot dogs). It also comes with a can of whipped cream to add on top of the pizza as you like.

The concept behind the pizza plays on the misinterpretation (deliberate or otherwise) of "wiener coffee," which some people imagined as coffee with a wiener sausage (with some posting their take on it on social media). "Wiener coffee" is probably better known in a number of countries as "Vienna coffee," which is coffee topped with whipped cream. "Wien" is "Vienna" in German and "Wiener" is "Viennese."

According to Pizza Hut Japan, older folks tended to correctly interpret wiener coffee as Vienna coffee, while younger people tend to mistake it in the literal, non-translated sense. As such, they decided to create a pizza that embodied both interpretations.

In case you were wondering the term "wiener," which refers to hot dogs here in the US, comes from "weinerwurst" i.e. Vienna sausage.

The Wiener Coffee Pizza can be found in Pizza Hut locations in Japan through June 14, 2023. A medium costs 2500 yen (~$17.82 US) carryout and 2800 yen (~$19.96 US) delivered.

Photo via Pizza Hut Japan.

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