Jun 2, 2023

Wendy's to Test Curbside Pickup Using Underground Pipes

Concept image of Wendy's Instant Pickup underground delivery system.
Wendy's plans to test a new take on curbside pickup where you pull up to a designated spot and your order comes to your through an underground delivery system.

The underground delivery system comes about through a partnership with Pipedream, which is a logistics company that focuses on automated robot delivery through underground pipes. The concept here is you order using the Wendy's app and they would be able to deliver food "in seconds" straight from their kitchen to the portal by your parking spot without having to have an employee bring your order out.

Pipedream calls the system, "Instant Pickup." Wendy's hopes that it will result in "greater mobile order speed of service and accuracy."

Wendy's plans to install the Instant Pickup system into an existing restaurant later this year (I imagine the location would need to be fairly busy to warrant using such a system).

Photo via Wendy's.

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