Jan 10, 2024

Asian Zensation Zalad and Egg Rolls Return to Zaxby's

Zaxby's Asian Zensation Zalad with Veggie Egg Roll.
The Asian Zensation Zalad and Veggie Egg Roll make a seasonal return to the Zaxby's menu to start 2024.

Zaxby's Asian Zensation Zalad is the chain's take on your typical Asian chicken salad. It features a choice of either chopped crispy-fried Chicken Fingerz or grilled chicken served atop mixed greens, red cabbage, carrots, Asian slaw, and fried wonton strips, and drizzled with a honey sesame teriyaki glaze.

The limited-time salad comes with a hand-rolled Veggie Egg Roll and citrus vinaigrette dressing (it offers notes of orange, pineapple, ginger, and sesame). Prices for the Zensation Zalad starts at $9.95.

Zaxby's Veggie Egg Roll sees a crispy, rolled wonton wrapper filled with shredded cabbage, carrots, green onion, and seasonings. You can get them with the salad or order them as a side. A side of Veggie Egg Rolls includes two of them with Sweet & Spicy dipping sauce for $3.00.

According to Zaxby's, the Asian Zensation Zalad is one of the chain's top fan-requested seasonal menu items.

As a promotion for the returning salad, Zaxby's is offering double Zax Rewards points on orders of the Asian Zensation Zalad through Sunday, January 14, 2024.

Photo via Zaxby's.

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