Jan 17, 2024

New Chicken Parmesan Meatball Sub Arrives at Firehouse Subs

Firehouse Subs Chicken Parmesan Meatball Sub.
Firehouse Subs introduces the new Chicken Parmesan Meatball Sub as their latest limited-time sandwich.

The Firehouse Subs Chicken Parmesan Meatball Sub features chicken meatballs in marinara served with shaved Parmesan, melted provolone, and toasted Italian-seasoned breadcrumbs, on a toasted garlic bread roll.

Chicken Parmesan is typically breaded chicken breast covered with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese (although provolone and/or mozzarella is fairly common as well). Firehouse Subs offers a twist on it here with chicken meatballs instead of chicken breast and breadcrumbs instead of breading. You also get additional crispness from the toasted garlic bread.

Prices for the Chicken Parmesan Meatball Sub may vary but you can expect it to range between $6.59 for a small to $9.99 for a medium, and $13.99 for a large.

Photo via Firehouse Subs.

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