Jan 29, 2024

Review: Honey BBQ KFC Wrap

A Honey BBQ KFC Wrap in its wrapper.

The Honey BBQ KFC Wrap features an Extra Crispy Chicken Tender, Honey BBQ sauce, mayo, and pickles, wrapped up in a soft flour tortilla.

I got one as part of a two for $5 deal.

My particular wrap was tightly wrapped but still leaking through the wrapper. It didn't seem excessively saucy when I bit into it though.

A close-up of the open end of a Honey BBQ KFC Wrap.

The Extra Crispy Tender came in a good size with a really nice thickness that delivered meaty bites throughout the wrap. Of course, left to steam in the enclosed wrap with wet ingredients meant that there were very few crispy bits to be found.

Beyond the tender, there were few moving parts to the wrap between the BBQ sauce, the mayo, the pickles, and flour tortilla. The BBQ sauce was sweet, smoky, and tangy and went well with the crunchy pickles, which provided a nice acidity to cut against the sweetness of the BBQ and the oil of the chicken. I'm not sure why the mayo was there as it's not something I ever eat with BBQ (even if there's slaw, I preferred the pickled variety).

The flour tortilla was soft, pliable, and moist but sturdy.

The cross-section of a Honey BBQ KFC Wrap.

Overall, the Honey BBQ KFC Wrap was a nice enough snack wrap-type option with decent textures and an enjoyable flavor. But given the mess, I'm not sure I'd pick it over a tender and some BBQ sauce.

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