Jan 29, 2024

KFC Introduces New Smash'd Potato Bowl

KFC Smash'd Potato Bowl.
KFC introduces the new Smash'd Potato Bowl as a twist on their signature Famous Bowl that includes both mashed potatoes and fries.

Specifically, KFC's Smash'd Potato Bowl sees a bed of mashed potatoes topped with Secret Recipe Fries, warm cheese sauce, bacon crumbles, and three-cheese blend. It's a bit like a loaded potato but with mashed potatoes and French fries instead of a baked potato or potato skin.

The Smash'd Potato Bowl is available now at KFC restaurants nationwide for a suggested price of $3.49. You can also opt to add five chicken nuggets to the bowl for an extra $2 at participating locations. A five-piece order of KFC Nuggets is normally $3.99 near me so you're looking at around $2 in savings if you get the add-on.

Smash'd Potato Bowls appear on the KFC national menu after a successful test run in Pittsburgh in 2023. The new bowl marks the first time that KFC has added fries to one of their bowls. KFC launched fries here in the US back in 2020.

Photo via KFC.

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