Jan 29, 2024

Jimmy John's Launches New Red Velvet Brownie

Jimmy John's Red Velvet Brownie.
Jimmy John's launches the new Red Velvet Brownie and brings back the Red Velvet Cookie for the 2024 Valentine's Day season.

Jimmy John's Red Velvet Brownie is a brownie made of dark brown sugar, cocoa powder, and white confectionary chips, while the Red Velvet Cookie is a cookie featuring the same dark brown sugar, cocoa powder, and white confectionary chips. Basically, you get the same flavors but with either the texture of a brownie or cookie.

The Red Velvet Cookie was first introduced around this time last year.

Prices may vary but both the Red Velvet Brownie and the Red Velvet Cookie are priced at $3.39 at my nearest Jimmy John's location here in the Los Angeles area. You can find both seasonal fast food items now at participating locations nationwide throughout the month of February 2024.

Photo via Jimmy John's.

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