Jan 18, 2024

New Yoplait Protein Yogurt Contains 15 Grams of Protein Per Serving

A single-serve container of Yoplait Protein held in a person's hand.
In case you want the protein of Greek yogurt but prefer the taste of regular yogurt, Yoplait has launched new Yoplait Protein as a dairy snack that contains 15g of protein and 3g of sugar per serving and is meant to taste and feel like traditional Yoplait yogurt.

Yoplait Protein is made with ultra-filtered milk using Yoplait's traditional yogurt-style fermentation process. Ultra-filtered milk is typically milk that has been filtered so that the end result has more protein, less sugar, and may be lactose-free.

The new high-protein yogurt-like product (it's technically a "yogurt cultured dairy snack" according to the product container) comes in single-serve (5.6 oz) containers and tubs (30 oz) in several flavors, including Vanilla, Strawberry, Mixed Berry, Strawberry Banana, Peach, Cherry, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Key Lime Pie. 

Yoplait Protein is currently available at select retailers nationwide with a suggested price of $1.19 per 5.6-oz container.

Photo via Yoplait.

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