Jan 11, 2024

McDonald's Serves Up New Pineapple Fritters in Australia

Two of McDonald's Pineapple Fritters.
McDonald's serves up new Pineapple Fritters over in Australia. It's joined by a new Pineapple Sundae. Both items are available now for a limited time.

McDonald's Pineapple Fritters feature breaded and deep-fried pineapple rings.

In appearance, they look a bit like really thick onion rings or breaded, flattened donuts but biting into them reveals a juicy and sweet pineapple ring.

The Pineapple Sundae consists of vanilla soft serve topped with a pineapple sauce containing pineapple chunks. It's basically like the Strawberry Sundaes they used to offer here in the US only with pineapple.

The tropical theme fits as it's currently summer in the Land Down Under. Basically, they're giving customers both a hot and cold option for the tropical fruit.

Photo via McDonald's Australia.

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