Jan 16, 2024

Drake's Releases New Boston Creme Yodels

A box of Drake's Boston Creme Yodels.
Snack cake maker Drake's adds new Boston Creme Yodels to their baked goods product line.

Drake's Boston Creme Yodels features yellow cake rolled with "Boston Creme-flavored creme" and covered in dark fudge icing.

The filling for a Boston cream pie (which is actually a cake) is typically a creamy custard or custard pudding so in this case a "Boston Creme-flavored creme" would basically be a custard-flavored creme.

Yodels is Drake's version of a Swiss roll snack cake (because yodeling is thought to be a Swiss practice).

According to Drake, Boston Creme pie is "top flavor profile requested by Drake's fans."

You can find Drake's Boston Creme Yodels at retailers throughout the Eastern US. You can check the online product locator from the Drake's website to see if it's available near you. The Yodels are also available for online purchase from the same site for $3.99 (plus shipping) per 11.61-oz box.

Photo via Drake's.

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