Jan 13, 2024

Five KFC Fried Chicken Flavors to Try Around the World in January 2024

While KFC fried chicken has largely been limited to Original Recipe and Extra Crispy lately here in the United States (although there was that since-discontinued stint where you could get Nashville Hot, Georgia Gold, and more), if you go abroad right now there are some pretty interesting options in terms of KFC fried chicken around the world. Here are five varieties that you can get right now:

- Maple Garlic Chicken (pictured above right) -  Over in Taiwan, you can get KFC fried chicken glazed with maple and sprinkled with garlic and other spices.

KFC Peri Peri Chicken from India.

- Peri Peri Chicken - Currently in India, you can get both fried chicken and tenders dusted with peri peri seasoning, which is a spicy seasoning made with African bird's eye chile peppers.

KFC Hot & Crispy boneless chicken from Australia.

- Hot & Crispy boneless chicken - KFC still offers boneless fried chicken in Australia and it's available in a Hot & Crispy variety, which is like Extra Crispy but spicy.

KFC Spicy Seafood-flavored fried chicken in Hong Kong.

- Spicy Seafood Fried Chicken - If you make it to Hong Kong, you can find Spicy Seafood Fried Chicken and Hot Wings. Both the fried chicken and Hot Wings are sprinkled with the seasoning from Nissin Cup Noodles Spicy Seafood instant ramen.

KFC San-Thai chicken and chicken sandwich.

- San-Thai Crunch fried chicken and San-Thai Sandwich - If you travel to Malaysia, they're offering both fried chicken and a chicken sandwich with Thai flavors. KFC San-Thai Crunch fried chicken is made with a blend of Thai seasonings that offers "a symphony of spices, tanginess, & sourness." The sandwich version is sprinkled with the same seasoning but also gets a Thai sauce.

Photos via KFC.

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