Jan 22, 2024

Review: Spicy Mac & Cheese KFC Wrap

A top-down view of a Spicy Mac & Cheese KFC Wrap on its side.

The Spicy Mac & Cheese KFC Wrap features an Extra Crispy Chicken Tender wrapped up with the chain's spicy sauce, Mac & Cheese, and 3-cheese blend, in a soft flour tortilla.

I got one as part of a two for $5 promotion (they otherwise cost $3 each).

Just a word of warning: I don't live very far from my local KFC but some sort of grease leaked through both the wrapper and bag on the trip home. The wrap was pretty tightly folded but it looks like some of the sauce leaked out of the open end.

The open end of a Spicy Mac & Cheese KFC Wrap.

The spicy sauce added a bit of a tang and a moderate heat that was enough to get my nose running but never got too uncomfortable. The creaminess and richness of the mac and cheese provided a nice counterbalance to it, while adding the tender texture of the macaroni pasta. The 3-cheese blend was indistinguishable from the mac and cheese as it seemed to have just melted into the sauce.

While not exceptionally large, the Extra Crispy Chicken Tender had a fairly good thickness to it with an pretty even round circumference that ensured a meaty bite throughout the wrap. Unsurprisingly, the crispy breading didn't hold up so well in the steamy confines of the flour tortilla and there was only some very occasional light crunches to be found.

The cross section of a Spicy Mac & Cheese KFC Wrap.

Overall, the Spicy Mac & Cheese KFC Wrap provided an moderately enjoyable flavor with a heat that tends toward the higher end of the fast food spectrum. While I would have liked a bit more crunch, I wasn't holding my breath for it.

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