Jan 9, 2024

Jimmy John's Bids Farewell to Kickin' Ranch by Selling 100 Giant Bottles for 1-cent Each

A giant bottle of Jimmy John's Kickin' Ranch sauce.
Kickin' Ranch sauce is leaving the Jimmy John's menu and as a farewell to the sauce by bottling it up and selling 100 "Big Ass Bottles" of Kickin' Ranch from the Jimmy John's online store this morning for 1-cent each plus shipping. Given the limited availability and next-to-nothing pricing, it sold out in short order.

Sales were limited to one per person and the sauce comes in a commemorative, collectible bottle that is labeled from 1 to 100. 

If you missed out and are hankering to get your last taste of Kickin' Ranch, it's still available at Jimmy John's locations nationwide, while supplies last, through January 22, 2024. On that day, the chain will start offering Jalapeño Ranch as a side option replacing Kickin' Ranch. Jimmy John's first introduced Jalapeno Ranch as part of the Jalapeño Ranch Chicken Wrap back in May of last year. Since they ended up keeping the wraps on the menu permanently, it looks like they decided to keep one spicy ranch sauce available instead of two.

Jimmy John's first introduced Kickin' Ranch back in 2018. It consists of hot cherry peppers and special seasonings pureed into fresh buttermilk at each location.

Photo via Jimmy John's.

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