May 1, 2024

McDonald's Debuts New Maple Butter Pancake Pie in Japan

McDonald's Maple Butter Pancake Pie on a plate.
McDonald's debuts the new Maple Butter Pancake Pie as part of a coffee shop-themed menu in Japan.

Available for a limited time, McDonald's Maple Butter Pancake Pie is inspired by coffee shop pancakes and features a fried chocolaty crust filled with a combination of fluffy pancake batter, maple sauce, and salted butter sauce. It's basically pancakes with maple syrup and butter only stuffed inside a fried, turnover-style pie.

The new pie is not the first 3-layered pie offered by McDonald's. Earlier this year, they introduced the 3-layered Matcha Kuromitsu Warabimochi Pie in Japan.

The Maple Butter Pancake Pie costs 200 yen (~$1.29 US).

Other items making up the coffee shop-themed menu include:

  • Coffee Jelly Parfait - A layered dessert made with crunchy corn flakes topped with vanilla soft serve, bittersweet coffee sauce, sweetened condensed milk sauce, and coffee jelly.
  • Melon McFloat - Melon-flavored Fanta soda topped with vanilla soft serve.

Photo via McDonald's Japan.

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