Mar 12, 2024

McDonald's Introduces First 3-Layer Pie in Japan

McDonald's 3-layer Matcha Brown Sugar Warabimochi Pie.
McDonald's introduces the fast food chain's first-ever 3-layer pie with the launch of the new Matcha Kuromitsu Warabimochi Pie in Japan.

The new limited-time pie features a green, crispy puff pastry filled with a layer of warabimochi (a type of mochi made with bracken starch instead of mochi rice) next to a layer of matcha bean paste and a layer of Japanese black sugar syrup sauce (kuromitsu).

McDonald's Japan's Matcha Kuromitsu Warabimochi Pie is available now for a limited time through mid-April 2024. It's priced at 200 yen (~$1.35 US).

According to McDonald's Japan, it was quite a challenge to get all three layers to line up in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The Japanese branch of McDonald's has previously released several two-layer pies that paired mochi with another filling.

Photo via McDonald's Japan.

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