Apr 19, 2012

Around the World: Burger King Japan Offers 15 Strips of Bacon for 100 Yen, Man Orders 1050 Strips

Burger King Japan is currently running a promotion where you can get 15 strips of bacon on your Whopper for an extra 100 yen (currently about $1.23 U.S.). That's pretty cheap and 500% more than the regular amount (it's normally 3 strips for 60 yen)!

They're calling it the "Bacon Bomb" (at least according to Google Translate).

I love bacon but I'm not sure I'd want 15 strips of it in my Whopper (4 or 8 but not 15!). Of course, in the spirit of obscene (or glorious, depending on your viewpoint) fascination, one intrepid Japanese man decided to order a Whopper with a whopping 1050 strips of bacon (or roughly $86 worth) and take on the challenge (and health risk) of actually eating it. Check out the video after the jump.

I'm actually surprised that he found a Burger King that had that: 1) many bacon strips for him and 2) would actually sell him that many. They even had something to wrap it in. Notice the prominent "Have it your way" slogan on the wrapping. Yes, he did. That might be the greasiest burger ever.

It seems he tried 105 strips earlier and it just wasn't enough:

I wonder if they're asking him if he feels like dying in the interview at the end of the video...


  1. I really like bacon but that's pretty disgusting. I give BK a lot of credit for actually doing this though.


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