Apr 22, 2012

Around the World: The Biggest McMenu, Part One

Okay, here it is. After many hours surfing every McDonald's website around the world, and trying to make heads or tails out of Google Translate translations, I've compiled a list of (almost) every McDonald's menu item with a "Mc" as part of the name for your viewing pleasure.

Without further ado here's Part Un (that's French for "one") of what's on the Biggest McMenu (by the way, it's actually called the "McMenu" in some countries) from McDonald's restaurants around the world:

France is the second most profitable market for McDonald's (with first being us here in the U.S.) so it's no surprise that the iconic French sandwich, the Croque Monsieur, is available as the Croque McDo.

If that's too French for you, there's also a kid's version of the Filet-O-Fish (but with ketchup and no cheese) called Le McFish!

Also in France, just released and only for a limited-time, there's McBaguette featuring a stone-baked French baguette, French Emmental cheese (more commonly known to us as "Swiss cheese"), and a French mustard. If you read the What's on the Menu: McDonald's Arabia post, "It's like McDonald's, but a bit French."

North of us in Canada, there's the McBistro which is a little bit different from the one they've test here in the States and comes in three varieties: Southwest Chicken, Chicken BLT, and Swiss Mushroom Melt. It's also been offered at some point in Singapore as a limited-time item (same name, different item though).

Also, in Canada is the McMini, which is chicken served on a mini-baguette, served simply with a mango or spicy Thai sauce.

Earlier this year in Austria, there was the infamous McRibster, which was a McRib patty but battered and deep-fried with bacon and other good stuff.

Austria is also where you can locate the local McDonald's with the McFinder.

That's it for Part Un of the World's Biggest McMenu, tune in next week for Part Two/Deux!

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  1. This will be an interesting feature.

    I wonder if they don't have tartar sauce in France?  I've heard of people putting ketchup on their Filet-o-Fish her in the USA, but it suprised me that it is the default in France.

  2. Oops! The McFish is in additional to the Filet-O-Fish. It comes in a Happy Meal because I guess ketchup is for kids and tartar sauce is for adults?

  3. I want a McFish, that sounds great. Tartar sauce is okay but I prefer ketchup, I guess I'm still a kid at heart. Taking off the cheese is good too, other than McDonald's who puts cheese on a fish sandwich?

  4. It probably would cost less too!

  5. Kendall_ann_allenMonday, April 23, 2012

    Hey, I like cheese on my fish sandwiches! Always have, always will!

  6. And I'm sure McDonald's always will like you too if you're a regular customer of the Filet-o-Fish ;) I'm sure millions like cheese with their fish just like you do, but it just seems a little unconventional to me.


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