Apr 18, 2012

News: Church's Chicken - New Value Menu and New Chicken Items

Church's Chicken has a new value menu with 9 items for 99 cents each (it's more of an update to the old value menu they introduced back in 2009).

The new menu sports some pretty nice deals including: a leg or thigh plus a biscuit, a chicken sandwich, a tender strip and biscuit, 3 boneless wings, 3 Jalapeno Bombers, 3 jalapeno peppers, an apple pie, a 12-ounce drink, and 2 biscuits.

In addition to the new value menu, Church's is also serving up new, limited-time Popcorn Chicken and new Tender Crunchers (which looks like extra-crispy chicken strips or boneless breast pieces).


  1. "...2 biscuits."

    Hallelujah and Hosanna and other shouted words of admiration for a food vendor of the fast type finally departing from the barrage of "...a biscuit."

    About dern' time!!!!

    Of course, there ain't no Church's Chicken joints here in fly-over country atop the Ozark Plateau where ridges and hollers exist in abundance.

  2. yum i wonder if the jalapeno bombers are as good as jack in the box's poppers

  3. Why couldn't they offer some of their small sides though? How awesome would it be if they offered value fries, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, okra, and/or corn?

  4. Best stuffed jalapeƱo

  5. I ate here on Saturday and they over charged me on the value menu...Just like us always trying to get over on one another. This location was forestdale


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