Apr 23, 2012

News: Pizza Hut - The Cheesy Bites Pizza Returns!

Once again, the Cheesy Bites Pizza is back for a limited time at Pizza Hut! Last seen in 2010, the novel feature here is a crust is made up of bite-sized rolls of pizza crust wrapped around melted mozzarella. It's easy to pull the rolls off and eat them.

It's $11.99 for a 1-topping large ringed by 28 Bites and a cup of marinara sauce for dipping.

Looking the picture, it looks like the Bites are sprinkled with some Parmesan but their website description doesn't mention any.

I enjoyed eating the Bites more than the actual pizza the last time around.

If you're looking to try it or get your fix, June 2 is the last day to get yours until the next time they come around.


  1. Many of my friends will rejoice at this pizza's return, I am sure.

  2. I have a sad.

    I have partaken of mighty-fine tasty Pizza Hut pizzas but, likely to increase profits, I fear that Pizza Hut quality has declined in so many aspects.

    A very bad experience with what had to be one of the WORST tasting pizzas I have ever eaten, with a mere hint of toppings and undetectable cheese, back in 2008 led to my personally avoiding Pizza Hut and I have NO desire to allow the firm to submit me to such a horrible experience ever again.

    Others have voiced similar complaints on-line and in the real world.

    Thus, I will pass on this new Pizza Hut offering and continue lusting after the unavailable locally crumbled linguicia-topped pizza so common in some parts of the USA.


  3. They had the pizza for like a month and gone already, forget that.  A consistent, better quality chain will get my business without short period gimiks like this.


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